Which characteristics of terracotta curtain wall can be applied?

Which characteristics of terracotta curtain wall can be applied?

Terracotta curtain wall can generally be used as exterior wall panels for administrative and commercial office buildings. Of course, it can also be used as louvers for ventilation and shading requirements and used outside glass windows. It can also be used indoors in larger spaces, such as office building lobbies, subway stations, railway station waiting halls, airport waiting halls, theaters, etc.

Generally, terracotta curtain wall products have the following characteristics. The materials are natural and environmentally friendly. They are generally made of natural clay through extrusion molding and high-temperature calcination, without radioactivity, and good durability.

The color of terracotta curtain wall is always new. The color is generally the natural color of natural clay. The color is natural and does not fade.

The self-cleaning function is remarkable. The surface of terracotta curtain wall can generally be divided into two types: glazed surface and matte surface. Glazing terracotta panel can be used indoors and outdoors. It has good self-cleaning function and is less prone to pollution than natural stone.

The terracotta curtain wall has stable technical performance and strong impact resistance, meeting the wind load design requirements of the curtain wall; terracotta curtain wall has high temperature resistance, strong frost resistance, and terracotta curtain wall has good flame retardancy and is safe to fire.

How to choose the right glazing terracotta panel

What kind of glazing terracotta panel is a good panel? Generally speaking, from a subjective point of view, each piece of equipment has its own quality standards, and a good thermal insulation integrated glazing terracotta panel has its own related inspection quality standards.

If you want to see whether a glazing terracotta panel is a qualified Taobao, you need to test its resistance to turning. The inspection method is to use the drop hammer method to make a turning point. The kanban surface will crack unintentionally. Passing plank.

Next is the test for water impermeability. The exterior wall panels are always exposed to wind, rain and sun. Water resistance is a very important indicator. The method of testing is to keep the moisture on the panel surface for 24 hours, and allow the reverse side of the panel after 24 hours of inspection. Wet marks are found, but no wet marks are found on the surface of the board, which shows that the water permeability of the board is qualified.

Finally, the frost resistance of the board is tested. The test method is to pass the glazing terracotta panel through a cycle of freezing and thawing for up to 25 times. This requires that the board should not be found to be cracked and layered, otherwise the board will be unqualified.