Our Services

Our Services

Paneltek has developed exceptional working relationships with many Developers, Owners and Architectural Firms around the world. Based on our reputation for experience and expertise in  building facade material with its systems, Owners and Architects routinely engage Togen early in the design of a project. This collaboration from the start of the design process helps eliminate problems with product feasibility and budget before they become issues in later stage.

Design Refinement
We create detailed renderings and visual representations of the façade design, incorporating the chosen materials, colors, and shapes.

System Design
Our experts offer system design for the installation of façade materials to ensure structural stability and optimal use. We offer a comprehensive range of services, including but not limited to:

Budgeting and Quantity Estimation
We provide detailed material budgeting and quantity estimation to assist you in project budget planning.

In the Bidding phase, we assist in Quantity Surveying and Cost Estimation, provide Fabrication Drawings, and deliver a Cutting List to support the bidding process.

Post-Installation Technical Support
We provide ongoing technical support to address any potential issues or post-project needs.