Singapore is a modern city full of innovation and distinctive architecture. Unique and bright color façades are preferences of Singaporeans. Also attach great importance to safety, a green environment, and durability. On the cross point of these important concerns, glazed terracotta meets Singapore's architecture.
It is a naturally distinctive decoration element for both exterior and interior design due to the wide range of finishing and shape options.

Terracotta-Environmental Friendly, Safe Material

Terracotta is an environmentally friendly material for building decoration since it’s non-radioactive, non-polluting, recyclable, has a low building load, and provides good thermal insulation and sound insulation.  Additionally, it is a safe material that is non-combustible and has great strength and strong thermal impact resistance. Our terracotta. ceramic products are also EPD verified!

Proved durability through history

The material is durable with unfading color and has the properties of being resistant to weathering, erosion, external damage, and freeze and thaw.
Glazed terracotta walls from the 18th and 19th centuries are still beautifying the city in Western countries.
Glazed terracotta has proved durability throughout history.

In the 1st century BC, Egyptian people developed glazed terra-cotta potteries, which are widely used today’s date.
Glazed Terra-cotta potteries were widely made in early China and the Middle East at that time, and were traded along the Silk Route.
In the 18th century, in England and America, unglazed terra-cotta began to be used in architecture. Later on, in the 19th century, glazed architectural terra-cotta was introduced for wall and floor constructions.

Carefree façade

Glazes perform to repel water, dirt, and stains.
Terracotta material is easy to install and replace and clean. Architects like to use glazed terracotta for people-touchable walls.
It’s common in Singapore, that MRT stations' interior walls apply glazed terracotta panels.

Unlimited expression and glazes

Feel the natural beauty of the terracotta and enjoy the rich hues and endless possibilities of custom art glazes.

Color customization:
Create a unique expression by a combination of color series.
We are able to customize the color based on an international color coding system and simulate the other material’s color and texture as well.

Glaze in various glossiness:
Glossiness is available to be made on different levels such as glossy, matt, semi-matt, metallic glossy, etc.  Glossiness also plays a big role in the architecture’s style.

Glaze with various textures:
Variations in the color and pattern of the glaze could make it look like granite, limestone, wood, etc, this flexibility makes the glaze terracotta more attractive for the architects.

Perfection with glazed terracotta-white edge solution:
Depending on the project installation system, the vertical and horizontal gaps of the panel are various. You may wonder if the white edge exposure affects the beauty of the façade, we do painting on a panel edge to avoid white-edge.

Tell us your imagination and design intent, and let’s collaborate to realize it.