What are the advantages of using terracotta facade panels for exterior walls?

What are the advantages of using terracotta facade panels for exterior walls?

If you want to know the benefits of using terracotta facade panel for exterior wall, you must first know what terracotta facade panel is. Terracotta facade panel is a new type of curtain wall material in current buildings. It has good environmental protection and energy saving, moisture-proof, breathable and sound insulation. It has the advantages of rich color, long lasting and wide application range. Therefore, this kind of building material is often used in urban construction. What are the advantages of terracotta facade panel?

First of all, it is environmentally friendly. Basically, terracotta facade panels are made of natural materials such as terracotta facade panels, quartz or feldspar, which are then made through three processes of high pressure molding, low temperature drying and high temperature calcination. Because there is no addition in the production process Other chemicals will make terracotta facade panel a green and pollution-free exterior wall material.

In addition, the terracotta facade panel has no radiation and the surface color is not reflective, so it will not cause light pollution. In addition, the construction of the terracotta facade panel is relatively simple, even if it is damaged, it can be replaced by one piece, which is very simple.

Terracotta facade panels are also anti-seismic and anti-corrosion. If terracotta facade panels are to be used as exterior walls, they are generally divided into three categories: single-layer terracotta facade panels, double-layer hollow terracotta facade panels and terracotta facade panel shutters according to the structure. The surface form can be divided into natural surface, groove surface, sand surface and glazed surface. Therefore, different decoration design methods will also determine the different appearance and characteristics of the terracotta facade panel. For example, the double-layer hollow terracotta facade panel can improve the air permeability, and also enhance the sound insulation and heat preservation function of the entire house.

In addition, the terracotta facade panel has a very strong ability to resist wind pressure and earthquake resistance, up to 10 degrees of earthquake resistance, which is very suitable for areas with special requirements for wind pressure and earthquake resistance.