Terracotta wont change color for decades

Terracotta wont change color for decades

Terracotta won’t change color for decades

You will not really see a difference in color over 50 or even 100 years… In comparison, we are seeing many fiber cement façades losing color and fading; with very high color stability, terracotta won’t change color for decades.”

Further customization comes into play through terracotta’s ability to take on different textural finishes. These include adding personality through fine-peeled, peeled, fine-combed, medium-combed, sandblasted and honed finishes. The Liberal Arts Building, at the University of Texas’ Austin campus, is clad in a terracotta that offers the clean, minimal look of limestone at a more attractive cost. The smooth, creamy-colored TERRART Light terracotta features the added design touch of a honed textured finish.

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