Terracotta makes a comeback in architecture

Terracotta makes a comeback in architecture

Terracotta-effect stoneware for a contemporary yet timeless style

Terracotta is coming back into fashion. We are witnessing a resurgence of warm shades and terracotta: not only in home furnishing accessories, but also as an indoor finish. The terracotta popular today looks much more natural and matt than the Eighties variety; it is a tasteful material that combines with a large number of styles, adding an intriguing retro touch to interior designs.

In fact, although we instinctively associate terracotta with a classical, traditional - or even rustic - style, in the latest design concepts terracotta is also at the centre of more modern interiors. Terracotta is actually the ideal floor covering, for example, for a perfect eclectic and Jungalow style when combined with tribal textures and details and plenty of natural greenery.

We must remember, too, that terracotta is a perfect material not only for indoor butalsofor outdoor use, with the advantage of creating delightful indoor-outdoor continuity effects.

Paneltek offers the terracotta effect on stoneware in several different versions, which are the ideal solution for combining the beauty of this unique finish with the extreme practicality of non-porous and resistant to the stains materials.

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