terracotta cladding can be categorized into 3 types

terracotta cladding can be categorized into 3 types

According to the installation approach and product form, terracotta cladding can be categorized into 3 types.

1. Terracotta Rainscreen Cladding

Terracotta Rainscreen Cladding system is based on the principle of rain screen. Comprised of terracotta panels, supporting track systems, ventilated cavity and vapor barriers, it's a back-ventilated curtain wall system.  

One of the highlight is the ship-lapped open joints, which makes it possible for the air to circulate between the cladding and insulation, thus, minimizing pressure differential inside and outside the wall cavities. 
Such system can shield most of the rain and snow from entering building envelopes. Meanwhile, a small amount of infiltrated water will be drained away through the system so as to protect the wall constructions of the building.

2. Terracotta Precast Solution

In this solution, the terracotta siding is embedded into large precast concrete panels. When it comes to the installation, solid terracotta panels with a thickness of 10-30 mm is often adopted. 
This type of solid tiles normally features a dovetail profile on the backside. Precast concrete panels are ideal for those projects that require terracotta facing design and also need the strength and durability of precast concrete constructions.

3. Terracotta Sunshade

Terracotta sunshade, also known as terracotta sunscreen, is a special terracotta wall cladding product.
 It can be used together with the terracotta rainscreen cladding to achieve a uniform and harmonious facade or as a separate design element to create a modern and distinctive building appearance. 
It is a unique terracotta cladding textures while providing shading for the building. There are variety cross-sections of terracotta screens that Paneltek normally divided into terracotta louvers and terracotta baguettes.

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