Terracotta Baguette Manufactured by Paneltek

Terracotta Baguette Manufactured by Paneltek

Terracotta Baguette Manufactured by Paneltek

Paneltek Terracotta Baguette is terracotta pipes with square, circular or oblong cross-sections, which can also be made as curved elements or as double baguettes/coffer element on request. 

This flexible product is mainly used to cover window areas or for an “open” facade. Paneltek Terracotta Baguette terracotta elements are always produced individually for each project in the color and shape desired by the customers.

The standard length of Paneltek Terracotta Baguette is 1000mm and can be adjusted individually to maximum 1800mm according to customers request.

 Paneltek Terracotta Baguette colors and finishes offer a virtually unlimited source of design options for architects using glazed Terracotta in contemporary architecture and facade design.

 Paneltek mix complex techniques and traditional firing methods enable virtually any color and surface texture specification to be met setting a new benchmark in Terracotta facade design. 

All of the glazed components from the Paneltek facade systems are mostly twice-fired and provide guaranteed weather and frost resistance. Now Paneltek offer surfaces like glazed, unglazed, natural plain, sand surface, grooved surface, strip-line surface, corrugate surface etc.

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