Some tips on how to choose bricks

Some tips on how to choose bricks

In the whole home decoration process, kitchen decoration can be said to be the most important part of home decoration, because a well-decorated and well-designed kitchen will give people a relaxed and happy mood, and creating a good kitchen can also allow users to have visual effects. It feels clean and refreshing, and it will add a lot of convenience in daily life. Generally speaking, the space of the kitchen is actually relatively small, except for windows, doors, cabinets, etc., its area only provides a small range of activity space. So, how to choose kitchen bricks?


In order to avoid waste and unnecessary loss of brick in the kitchen decoration process, and to maintain space coordination, smaller size brick should be selected as much as possible in the selection of tile specifications, which can reduce the inconvenience caused by cutting large-size brick, and There are many cracks when laying small-sized brick, which has certain advantages for water discharge.

The kitchen brick should mainly use matte brick, because matte brick are easy to clean, and have good waterproof and anti-slip effects. Also, you can add flowers and some waist lines to the kitchen wall space. Play a very good embellishment role, let the kitchen become vibrant and splendid.

Kitchens are often used in high-temperature environments. Therefore, the choice of brick color should be light and cool colors, such as white, light green, light gray and other tones, which can dilute the discomfort caused by high temperature and the effect of light tones. It can well adjust people's spatial imagination ability, make people feel enlarged and extended, and can relieve dullness and depression.