Paneltek Terracotta Brick for Building Sunscreen

Paneltek Terracotta Brick for Building Sunscreen

Terracotta brick is a material commonly used in many constructions now. It is formed by vacuum extrusion as a double-layered block and then split into two bricks after the firing process. Paneltek provides terracotta brick of high quality, which can be used in building sunscreen as decorations.

The advantages of Paneltek terracotta brick as building sunscreen
Terracotta brick can well adjust the interior temperature, making the room cool in summer and warm in winter. The moisture can also be carried away by the flowing air behind the wall, thus avoid forming water vapor so that the curtain wall remains dry. Apart from the impressive thermal insulation and ventilation performance, Paneltek Terracotta Brick for Building Sunscreen gives the building a natural and traditional sense of aesthetics as well, reminding people of the good ancient times.

Not only does Paneltek terracotta brick sunscreen perform well in practical uses, but it also has huge potential in terms of aesthetic value. With the help of customized service, customers have access to a wide variety of terracotta bricks with different sizes and shape in Paneltek. By combining these bricks in different sizes and orientations, architects have limitless options to realize the perforation pattern of a building. Furthermore, as the light is let in and out through the perforation wall, a rich assortment of light and shade patterns can be achieved, creating a beautiful landscape.
different perforation patterns of buildings
a rich assortment of light and shade patterns

The size, color, and texture of Paneltek terracotta brick
The size of terracotta brick used for building screen available in Paneltek is 240mm in length, however, customized service is always open to clients according to their needs.

When it comes to colors, Paneltek terracotta bricks come with a wide range of custom and standard natural fired colors and colorful glazing. By adding specific components to the clay, Paneltek has managed to offer terracotta bricks with different shade of colors.

As for texture, Paneltek offers terracotta bricks with a great variety of surface textures, such as brushed, gritted/sandblasted, natural, matte/glossy glazing, metallic and so on. Paneltek terracotta bricks perfectly express architects’ design concepts and vividly present different styles for different buildings.

The typical installation ways of Paneltek terracotta brick building sunscreen
Generally, there are 3 common installation ways of Paneltek terracotta brick building sunscreen, that is, Brickwork System, Bracket Fixing System, and Rod Perforation System.
  1. Brickwork System follows the traditional way of bricklaying to form the sunscreen, showing a neat arrangement of the bricks.
  2. In Bracket Fixing System, terracotta bricks are connected to a transom, each with a connected bracket at the rear side.
  3. Rods are needed in Rod Perforation System, which penetrates through the hollow section of terracotta bricks to assemble them together and form the sunscreen.
The latter two systems make building sunscreens with perforation patterns. The 3 installation ways can be applied either independently or synchronously, depending on the building style architects seeks to present. If needs be, Paneltek is willing to offer advice on installation with respect to the specific case.