Introduction to the Installation of PANELTEK Terracotta Baguette

Introduction to the Installation of PANELTEK Terracotta Baguette

PANELTEK Terracotta Baguette is one of the PANELTEK Terracotta Cladding product series. It is often designed and used in front of glass curtain walls, window area, and passages, serving as sunscreen and motif adornment for buildings. It's also a very special architectural design element when used alone. Whether designed on the exterior building façade or on an interior wall, terracotta baguettes can create a unique visual effect. When designed together with terracotta panels, it works well in corners, parapets, roof, balcony, parking building and etc., forming a harmonious and integral facade.

Terracotta baguettes can be installed either vertically or horizontally, or both ways combined, to match different building styles. Generally, there are 4 ways to install terracotta baguettes, that is, Insertion Fixing System, Back-hung Fixing System, Alu-Plate Fixing System, as well as Slot-insertion Fixing System (with a slot on one side of the terracotta baguette). Insertion Fixing System only favors horizontal installation of terracotta baguette, while the other 3 ones allow the baguettes to be installed either vertically or horizontally. Architects are able to choose whatever way of installation to present the building style they want, taking sun-shading performance into consideration.

For Slot-insertion Fixing System, PANELTEK has purchased a sophisticated Numerical Control Machine, with the help of which specific slots can be made by PANELTEK according to the drawings. Precise slotting is of great significance and necessity as aluminum connecters of different size and shape might be needed in different construction projects to install the baguettes stably and securely, as well as attractively.

Taking the terracotta baguette with two cavities as an example, PANELTEK is capable of offering such baguette with maximum slotted depth of 200mm in both ends.

Slots with greater width are also achievable in PANELTEK. In the following double-cavity terracotta baguette, there are two 25x10 mm slots in each end, with one on the side and the other in the midst.

Furthermore, the two ways of slotting mentioned above can be combined to suit the need of installation. In the double-cavity terracotta baguette below, there exist two compound slots of 200x11 mm plus 76x10mm in each end, in T pattern on the side and in the midst.

Apart from the products of high quality, with strong service support, PANELTEK is always ready to fulfill the demands of customers, including but not limited to:
  • Detailed information of our products and custom products, including Perspective View Rendering and product profile
  • Professional 3D Image Presentation of the products ordered
  • Installation System Design Proposal tailored to the specific project
  • Terracotta Profile Evaluation & Proposal for your information to select your ideal products
  • Terracotta Customization from color to texture and to shape, according to the design scheme either from customer or by us
  • QS and Cost Estimation to guarantee you the best products with good cost performance
  • Shop Drawings and Fabrication Drawings to facilitate great completion of the project
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