Instructions to the Maintenance for Paneltek Terracotta Panel Surface

Instructions to the Maintenance for Paneltek Terracotta Panel Surface

Paneltek Terracotta panels are calcined at high temperature from wet-extruded natural clay, totally fired for 12 hours under 1200 degrees celsius. Thanks to the Nano-coating technique Paneltek has patented for, the surface of curtain wall is not easy to gather dust or be stained. Generally, the rain washes off the dust from the Terracotta Panel surface, hence the expenses for cleaning and maintenance of terracotta curtain walls are relatively low, especially for high-rising buildings. However, the following points should be taken into account in order to keep and show the best visual effect for terracotta curtain walls.

  Pre-installation Tips for Terracotta Curtain Walls
1. It’s advised to keep the panels clean before installing terracotta curtain walls.
If the surface is tainted by cement or mud, remove the it with scoop and brush gently. Then, wipe the surface with wet sponge and rinse the whole panel with clean water. If there is paint on the surface, dilute it with gasoline before rinsing with water. Paneltek is so confident with their products that all customers enjoy an up-to-10-year warranty, during which the terracotta panel will not crack naturally or go moldy. However, if the surface is covered with mold or moss, you can wipe the panels with alcohol and wash them with clean water.

2. Paneltek terracotta products are ceramic products which are fragile and should be protected from any impact during transportation. Please handle them carefully and avoid the crack from the edge especially. After the panels were taken out from the wooden crate, make sure that the width side of terracotta does not contact directly with the ground or other hard objects which might cause edge crack. We suggest that the length side of terracotta can be put on the steel shelf, the bottom of terracotta shall be protected by foam board to avoid edge abrasion; PE foam or foam board shall be placed between terracotta panels to avoid the scratch on the surface.

3. Terracotta products are water absorbable. After absorbing water, the color of would change to some certain extent. In this case, please dry the terracotta products in a good ventilation condition. Please mind that the panels are supposed to be dried completely before installation. Paneltek terracotta products have low water absorption (3%-10%), making the curtain wall free of moisture thread which might ruin the aesthetics of the building.
T20 Red Terracotta panel in 300mm width

Daily Cleaning of Terracotta Curtain Wall

As mentioned above, Paneltek terracotta curtain wall can be self-cleaned to a certain degree with the Nano-coating technique. But regular cleaning is still required for the curtain wall. The frequency of cleaning depends on the climate and environmental conditions in the area where the building is located. If dust and taint accumulate over time on the surface of the terracotta curtain wall, use flowing clean water to rain and clean the surface from top to down with a brush. No cleaning agent is needed. It is advised not to use cotton fabrics to clean terracotta products. Use clean brush and clean water instead to do the maintenance.

With good quality control capacity, Paneltek offers their customers terracotta panels which are smooth and even, making sure the building appears neat and beautiful on the whole. The body density of Paneltek terracotta panels is higher than that of some other products in the industry, thus giving them high breaking strength so that there is no need to worry about sudden crack of the panels in daily maintenance.

Furthermore, customization is another feature of Paneltek. Terracotta panels in different colors and texture are available for customers to choose according to their own needs. Combining different techniques (extrusion and pressing), Paneltek is capable of producing curved and special-shape terracotta panels for customization. These products are also covered with Nano-coating, enabling them to be self-cleaned to a certain degree.
Adjustable Large Terracotta Facade Louver

Adjustable Large Terracotta Facade Louver