Excellent fire-proof cladding material - Paneltek Terracotta

Excellent fire-proof cladding material - Paneltek Terracotta

Green Non-combustible Cladding Material - Paneltek Terracotta
Excellent fire-proof cladding material - Paneltek Terracotta

In recent years, the fire accidents of buildings with curtain walls raised more and more concern on the fire-resistance performance of the curtain wall materials.

We are glad to advise that terracotta is the non-combustible cladding material after being tested according to Australian Standard AS1530.1 and AS1530.3 by second biggest testing lab - Intertek. 

The Australian Standard AS1530.1 (Combustibility test for materials) aligns the test method more closely with ISO 1182, but specifies the combustibility criteria necessary for regulatory purposes. Our terracotta was preconditioned in a ventilated oven maintained at 60°C for 22hrs before testing. Then put into the furnace temperature as 750°C in 20 min to observe the flame and weigh the weight of terracotta before and after testing
The result shown as in the report is there is no sustained flaming after testing, the mean mass lost is only 0.07% after calculation, so concluded as our terracotta product is not deemed combustible material. 

Moreover, we have also successfully passed the test according to AS1530.3 (Simultaneous Determination of Ignitability, Flame Propagation, Heat Release and Smoke Release), the test results shows that Ignitability, spread of flame, heat evolved index all with 0, and smoke developed index as 3. 

Aside from above testings, we have passed other Fire Performance Test such as basing on BS-8414 and Russian GHOST. 

To sum up, terracotta is a safe material for rain-screen and sun-screen as great choice for cladding material. 

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