Ceramic plate panel installation and cleaning | terracotta exterior wall

Ceramic plate panel installation and cleaning | terracotta exterior wall

(1) The classification and numbering of the ceramic panels that are transported to the construction site are checked for accuracy, color difference, and whether there are missing or missing corners. The ceramic panels should be transported to the construction surface in layers according to the construction requirements, and the layout should be reliable.

(2) Install the first layer of ceramic slab carefully according to the baseline of the curtain wall.

(3) Place the elevation of each Lenovo pendant, connect the hook and the beam (connector) reliably, adjust the level and verticality of the panel, and make the seams finely connected.

(4) When installing, display the panel and information between the hanging part and the ceramic plate panel to ensure the connection between the panel and the connector.

(5) When installing doors, windows or curtain walls, the ceramic board trim at the entrance of the hole should be completed first for quick installation.

(6) When installing to the pop-up elevation of each layer, pay attention to adjusting the vertical and horizontal state, without blocking.

(7) When handling the ceramic slabs, ensure safety and protection measures, and lay wooden squares when going down.
Cleaning and protection
After the construction is completed, remove the floating ash on the surface of the ceramic plate, and scrub the surface of the ceramic plate with water or detergent. Wipe with water evenly. Two cleanings are enough.
The cleaned ceramic board curtain wall should be naturally dried for 2 to 3 days, and the surface water absorption rate reaches the equilibrium water absorption rate before observing the overall appearance of the surface.
In terms of safety in use, ceramic slabs have fully passed the comprehensive inspections of national authorities, such as: product radioactivity testing, product physical characteristics testing, curtain wall simulation wind pressure testing, curtain wall in-plane deformation test, curtain wall mounting strength testing, and curtain wall seismic resistance Tests, product heat transfer experiments, etc., have excellent test results.
The color of the pottery plate is determined by the natural color of the pottery clay. No coloring agent is added during the firing process. It has good green environmental protection, and the color is bright, natural and simple, with strong senses. Its color brightness can change with natural light and weather. And follow the change
The color of the clay slab is formed by the color of natural clay itself and high-temperature kiln firing. The slab of the same color can be slightly adjusted by changing the kiln time and adding a small amount of silicon, aluminum and other trace substances. Therefore, there is no fading problem in the terracotta plate products. The Chinese ceramic relics are also made of terracotta. They have been preserved for thousands of years and the colors are still bright and the appearance is intact. Terracotta panels have the same life span as the curtain wall project. During this period, there will be no quality defects caused by surface shedding, weathering, chalking, fading, cracking and bad weather.
Ceramic slabs are used in large-scale joint construction projects, parks, airports, railway stations, stadiums, government buildings and various high-end communities, villas, commercial real estate, etc.
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