Are you confused about selecting the best wall cladding material

Are you confused about selecting the best wall cladding material

Are you confused about selecting the best wall cladding material

 You don’t want to create a good looking facade. Instead, an exterior wall that can work as a protective shield for your building. But do you think a building with an unappealing look can attract people to it? Think about yourself, would you go? No, right? 

Cladding is as essential as a core pillar of the building. Core pillars help the building stand straight for the years. While cladding makes sure it is safe from all the harsh weather conditions, be it extreme heat or excess rainfall.

Wall assembly is the group of components that fulfill the support, control and finish function, which includes exterior cladding & sheathing, interior cladding, vapor barriers, insulation, etc. Here we will see the primary and most used wall assemblies in the commercial building. And after that, we will discuss the architectural material that has won the hearts of many architectures – Terracotta Cladding.

There are three significant types of wall assemblies used in the commercial building’s wall. And they are as follows:

These are the most basic and traditional ones. The mass walls are created with the use of brick masonry, concrete and rammed earth. And these materials are also responsible for the protection. As its name suggests, the mass of the walls decides the strength and level of protection it will provide to the building.

Barrier wall, the name itself suggests that it is used to create a barrier between the harsh weather conditions and indoor spaces. This type of wall has the outer material that protects the wall from water and heat. The wall consists of precast concrete panels and exterior insulation and finish systems (EIFS). A slight defect in the wall and you will see rainwater entering the indoor spaces.

The most reliable one and preferred by most builders is the cavity wall. This wall uses the concealed air space and drainage plane to resist the bulk water infiltration. If the design of a wall is done thoroughly with the proper material, then it may provide thermal protection too.

So these were the most-used and basic wall assembling. And cladding is a part of it, as said in the introduction part. After reading significant types of wall assemblies, you would have realized that the cavity wall is the modern approach towards the security of the wall from rough weather conditions. 

And terracotta wall cladding is recommended by the architectures and many of them are currently using them to create an exterior that is appealing as well shielding. After hearing terracotta cladding, the first thing to click in mind is ‘pretty fancy facade,’ but here we will explain to you it is more than that.
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