Advantages of paneltek terracotta panels

Advantages of paneltek terracotta panels

What’s the Advantages of Paneltek Terracotta Panels
Established in 2002, Paneltek become one of the most professional manufacturer of terracotta products. In April.21,2011, the first terracotta panel of Paneltek got its start, declaring that the innovation ability of Paneltek in terracotta curtain wall is heading towards a higher level. What’s the advantages of Paneltek Terracotta Panels?

1. Never Fade. It is made from high quality clay and kilned via vacuum high-pressure extrusion and high temperature. It has the characters of low consumption, no radiation, light pollution and do not fade. What’s more, it can effectively resist ultraviolet radiation, and 100% of recycling which makes it the first choice of environmental protection material.

2. Waterproof and Anti-Noise. The cavity design greatly reduces not only the materials, but also the building facade structure system load. Via high temperature kilning, it can effectively reduce the heat transfer coefficient which is good for heat insulation and anti-noisy. High-pressure extrusion makes terracotta panel with greater intensity, which makes its maximum enhanced against the bad weather. The property of waterproof properties is also admirable.

3. Fireproofing and Anti-freeze. Advanced technology and equipment, precise  cutting, strict calibrated, in order to ensure the product quality and size stability. The product has good characteristics of security fireproofing, wearproof. Even when facing supernormal low or high temperatures, it still has excellent stability.

4. Self-Cleaning Capacity. Metal content is comparative low in clay materials. So it will hard to produce static and adsorb dust. Via the wind and the rain, they can have its self-cleaning easily.

5. Simple Natural. Rich colors basically cover the design requirements on the mainstream of modern architecture. Natural texture and eternal colors make the architecture rich in artistic beauty.

6. Superior Board Type and Diversity Models. Paneltek offer a variety of terracotta products for your reference. Various sizes are cut according to different products and installation demands. And it makes the terracotta facade buildings with stunning visual impact effect.
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