Advantages and benefits of terracotta cladding

Advantages and benefits of terracotta cladding

Terracotta board is the latest curtain wall material in the construction industry. It has the advantages of environmental protection, energy saving, moisture proof, sound insulation, air permeability, rich color, long lasting as new, and wide application range. Dry hanging installation is used for easy replacement, which provides a more flexible facade design solution for design and application, which is beneficial to the beautification of the city and the living of the building.

The advantages of terracotta cladding are:

1. Economic comparison: The use of the ceramic plate and ceramic tube curtain wall construction method can achieve the purpose of speeding up the construction progress and reducing the construction cost. The weight of the ceramic slab of the same area is only half of the weight of the stone, the construction is quick and the construction period is significantly shortened.

2. Simple replacement: no stone glue is used during the installation of the ceramic plate, no pollution to the finish, simple and convenient replacement.

3. Energy saving: The ceramic plate is a hollow structure, which can effectively block heat conduction, reduce the energy consumption of building air conditioning and save energy. The open installation method formed by the unique transverse seam overlap of the ceramic plate enables the air layer between the surface material and the wall to "breathe freely", which can reduce energy consumption to a greater extent than the closed installation method.

4. Reduce cleaning and maintenance costs: The surface of the ceramic plate curtain wall is anti-static and difficult to absorb dust; if the surface of the ceramic plate is dusty, it is easy to keep it clean after being washed by rain. This self-cleaning function can reduce the cleaning and maintenance costs of ceramic slab curtain walls, especially for high-rise buildings.

5. No solid waste is produced: The clay board is made of pure natural clay material, which has little environmental pollution during the production process. The broken ceramic plate can be reused after grinding and re-extruding.

The characteristics and application of terracotta cladding

Terracotta cladding is a component type curtain wall, usually composed of horizontal materials or horizontal and vertical materials plus ceramic panels. In addition to the basic features of conventional glass, stone, and aluminum curtain walls, terracotta cladding has unique advantages in appearance and performance due to the characteristics of natural clay, scientific processing technology and control methods:
The characteristics and application of terracotta cladding
1. Beautiful and novel appearance design
(1) The wall is lively and vivid. The color of the pottery plate is determined by the natural color of the pottery clay. No dye is added, so the color is bright and natural and not easy to fade. The color brightness of the wall panel can be changed with the changes of natural light and weather.
(2) The color of the ceramic plate is beautiful and natural, can effectively resist ultraviolet radiation, is durable, and keeps the color bright for a long time.
(3) Combining tradition and modernity, clay is the original natural material. The ancient culture is integrated into the modern building, which not only maintains the traditional style, but also shows the modern fashion design.
(4) The advanced processing and manufacturing technology of ceramic slabs can meet the local design needs of curtain wall closing and closing to a greater extent. Whether it is a plane, a corner or other parts, the facade of the curtain wall can be kept coherent, natural and beautiful.
(5) The processing of ceramic slabs is controlled by advanced technology, the surface is smooth, the size is stable, and the beauty of the facade of the curtain wall is maintained. The diversification of pottery plate materials, forms and colors provides greater development space for architectural art.
 terracotta cladding
The characteristics and application of terracotta cladding
2. Advanced technology and simple structure
(1) Whether for heat or cold, clay itself is a good insulating material.
(2) Pottery clay has natural excellent acoustic function, which can be soundproof and reduce noise.
(3) The impact resistance of the ceramic board is large, which can meet the wind load design requirements of the curtain wall.
(4) Terracotta cladding is easy to maintain and the material is durable. The curtain wall can be cleaned with clean water.
(5) The ceramic plate does not burn and has a good fire protection function.
(6) The ceramic plate has good freeze-thaw resistance.
(7) The ceramic plate is easy to install and fix, and the construction is convenient. Due to its light weight, the supporting structure is lighter than the stone curtain wall.
The characteristics and application of terracotta cladding
3. Scope of application of terracotta cladding
Terracotta cladding is a non-transparent curtain wall, similar to a stone curtain wall. Because terracotta is a kind of natural environmental protection material, it has the characteristics of no radiation, rich color, natural surface texture, classic and simple, sound insulation and noise reduction, and improve the economy and comfort of building use, and more and more terracotta cladding It is used in commercial buildings, office buildings, theaters, venues, residences, architectural venues, hotels, theaters, exhibition halls, public places, etc. It is also used for indoor office environment decoration.
The humanistic and artistic atmosphere, natural colors, environmentally friendly materials, and energy-saving and noise-proof advantages of ceramic slabs reflect the integration of decorative materials and nature in interior decoration and other applications, making people's work, life and other activities in a comfortable, comfortable, In a harmonious environment.
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