About the characteristics and performance of terracotta tiles

About the characteristics and performance of terracotta tiles

Terracotta tiles are actually a kind of terracotta tiles, mainly solid bricks! It is the product of continuous optimization of products and continuous upgrading of technology. terracotta tiles are usually made of high-quality silica purple clay at high temperature, with natural minerals as the main component. The nature of the clay bricks used is low-temperature ceramic bricks. The forming temperature is about 800℃, and the water absorption rate is high. Generally, the water absorption rate is 8%-10%. . Terracotta bricks are the most common building wall materials around Chinese houses, and the man-made resources accompanied by the state cannot apply the low-temperature firing process and are used for wall masonry. With the progress of the industry in the times, a new generation of clay bricks are used, fired at high temperatures, and advanced roller kilns or tunnel kilns are used in the industrial manufacturing process. They are used for their magical functions and replaced with external wall stickers, such as split bricks and ceramics. Bricks, etc., can also be praised as terracotta tiles.

Smooth freeze-thaw resistance: when the water absorption rate reaches 10%, the porcelain tiles have been frozen and cracked three times at -15℃, while the ceramic tiles can be frozen and thawed 50 times under the environment of -45℃. Cracks appear.

Good anti-light pollution performance: ceramic tiles can fully support more than 90% of the light, which has a good effect on protecting human eyesight and reducing light pollution.

Good sound absorption: due to the dense open pores of the ceramic tiles, the whole body of the terracotta bricks can be completely or partially out of the sound wave, outdoor and outdoor noise, indoor noise reduction, and it is an excellent material for creating a good urban living environment.

The good air permeability, the penetration of water-permeable ceramic bricks, and the richness of water-permeable water have been demonstrated in the green civilization today. Its simple charm and natural wisdom are integrated, showing the harmonious coexistence of man and nature.

Good weathering resistance and corrosion resistance: With industrial pollution, the chemical construction of roofs is increasing day by day, and many materials are imagined because they cannot accept this test. The pure natural processing technology contains only a small amount of impurities in the ceramic brick process, and its internal structure is not easily affected by acid rain. The alkali resistance of clay makes other materials unavoidable.