5 Reasons to Choose Terracotta Louvers for Exterior Wall

5 Reasons to Choose Terracotta Louvers for Exterior Wall

5 Reasons to Choose Terracotta Louvers for Exterior Wall
When building designers have to select material for the exteriors, they have plenty of options to choose from. Since the exteriors give the building personality whilst determining whether it is comfortable to be in or not, this is a very important decision they make since actually. An interesting new trend is the growing use of terracotta stick panels on building exteriors. Since time immemorial, terracotta cladding has been in use , and it is also being used on contemporary structures these days. The main reasons why choose terracotta are as following:

Terracotta clay is a very attractive material that looks contemporary and traditional at the same time. It can be fashioned into different shapes and is very versatile. Except that, it can be produced in any color and shapes. Buildings decorative by terracotta cladding are extremely attractive and they usually stand out from the other structures in the neighborhood easily. A wall that is clad with panels of terracotta stick or tablet will not have a monotonous look.

Terracotta Louver is extremely light and the baguettes and sticks made of this material are fashioned hollow, which ensures that the overall weight of the structure does not exceed permissible limits.

Terracotta Louver does not need a great deal of maintenance. The building will retain its attractive look for a very long time and it also weathers very well. Unlike many other cladding materials, terracotta panel does not lose color very easily and it has the ability to withstand UV radiation from the harshest sunlight.

Terracotta Louver bonds quickly and easily with other surfaces and it is very easy to work with. These tiles and panels can be applied to plaster, wood, metal and even glass. It can be used on roofs, floors, curtain walls as well as interior walls of the building.

Since this material is absolutely green, it is a perfect choice for people who prefer to use environmentally sustainable building materials as much as possible. At the same time, it protects the building from heat loss and excess sound.

There are many companies that manufacturing and supplying terracotta building materials due to its popularity and one can easily find the right products to suit ones exact needs. Cost is also an important criterion for making your selection as long as you do not neglect other important factors such as quality and color options.