What are the benefits of hanging Terracotta Curtain Wall?

What are the benefits of hanging Terracotta Curtain Wall?

The raw material of Terracotta Curtain Wall is generally natural clay without any other ingredients, so it will not cause any pollution to the air. The color of the clay plate is generally the natural color of clay, which is environmentally friendly, non-radiation, and mild in color, so it will not cause light pollution. In addition, there are many colors available for terracotta panels, which can meet the color selection requirements of architects and owners. Therefore, in the special converter, the clay plate is better calcined at high temperature. This process can greatly enhance the performance of the clay plate against bad weather.

The colorless, flat surface, strict linearity, high precision and strong natural atmosphere, the clay plate performs well in this respect. The science of the clay slab is also reflected in its strip-shaped hollow design. This design not only reduces the weight of the slab, but also improves the air permeability, noise reduction and heat preservation performance of the slab.

The joint design of Terracotta Curtain Wall combined with the material properties of the clay slab can ensure the water diversion effect on the surface of the curtain wall. According to the formation of deposits on the surface of the curtain wall, this will keep the surface of the curtain wall beautiful. Terracotta panels can generally be cut according to different installation dimensions to meet the designer's design style. At present, the self-cleaning ability and ceramic color of clay slabs have greatly aroused the interest of owners and architects.

Terracotta Curtain Wall is generally a component type curtain wall, usually composed of horizontal materials or horizontal and vertical materials and then added with clay panels. In addition to the basic characteristics of conventional glass, stone, and aluminum curtain walls, because of the advanced processing technology and scientific control methods of the clay characteristics, the clay panels generally have the following advantages in terms of appearance and performance:

1. The material is environmentally friendly: it is made of natural clay through extrusion molding and high temperature calcination, so it is not radioactive and has better durability;

2. The color is always new: the color is generally the natural color of natural clay, the color is natural, bright, uniform, non-fading, durable, and gives the curtain wall lasting vitality. This is the natural body color of clay (without any paint and glaze coating), so the tiles can be cut as needed without affecting the appearance.

3) Significantly easy-to-clean function: The surface of general terracotta panels can be divided into two types: glazed and matte. The glazed ceramic plate is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, has a good easy-to-clean function, and is less polluted than natural stone. The matte ceramic board is suitable for indoor use;

4) Performance: Terracotta Curtain Wall has stable technical performance, strong impact resistance, and meets the wind load design requirements of the curtain wall; high temperature resistance, strong frost resistance; good flame retardancy, fire prevention;

5) Reasonable structure: The combined installation design of the dry hanging system, the ceramic plate can be replaced by a single piece in the case of partial damage, and the maintenance is convenient; the empty structure makes it have a good noise reduction effect and light weight; its high strength can meet the random size of different sizes Cutting requirements;

6) Good compatibility: Terracotta Curtain Wall has a gentle appearance and is easy to use with glass and metal. It can also reduce light pollution and increase the shock resistance of the wall;

7) Convenient installation: Terracotta Curtain Wall has a reasonable and concise design structure, which can greatly meet the local design needs of curtain wall closing and closing. It is easy and convenient to install. Whether it is plane, corner or other parts, it can keep the facade of the curtain wall coherent and natural. , Beautiful;

8)Low supporting cost: Due to the light weight of the terracotta slab, the supporting structure of Terracotta Curtain Wall is simpler and lighter than the stone curtain wall, which saves the cost of supporting the curtain wall.