The Advantages of Paneltek Terracotta Panel

The Advantages of Paneltek Terracotta Panel

The Advantages of Paneltek Terracotta Panel
As you know, terracotta facade panels is a memeber of the curtain wall system. It has usually been consisted by the cross feed or horizontal and vertical material plus the Terracotta panel

In addition to the basic characteristics of conventional glass, stone and aluminum curtain wall. 

The Terracotta Stick and Terracotta Louver have also had the unique advantages at appearance and performance due to the natural characteristics of clay and the advanced processing technology and scientific control means. 

Here, Paneltek, as the professional manufacturer of Terracotta Facades panels Curtain Wall System in China,   would tell you the features and advantages about our terracotta panel.

First, Paneltek Terracotta Panel are the special design of the surface. As we all know, the designation of the wall surface is lively. 

The color of the Terracotta Panel has been determined by the clay qualities and without any dyes and thus it is contain the natural colors which is not easy to be faded. 

The brightness of the color of the Terracotta Roof Tile could be changed with natural light and weather from the outside world.

Second, Paneltek Terracotta Panel is the combination of traditional and modern. The clay is the original natural materials. This type of construction style has absorbed the ancient culture into the modern building. 

It has not only maintained the traditional style but also the modern fashion design.The clay for the Terracotta Panel is one kind of the mild material and it is easy to be used with glass, metal and wood which would maintain the coordination of the Wall Facade Panels

The color of the ceramic plate is natural and beauty which can effectively resist the ultraviolet radiation and on the other hand, the ability of the Terracotta Panel is durable and will long-term maintain the bright color. 

As we all know, the clay color is rich and varied and it has not limited to a traditional red. The market has 10 kinds of color nowadays. 

And the Paneltek has added many new fashion elements into the products of their company which would provide greater choice for owners and architects.

Thirdly, The advanced processing and production process of the Terracotta Stick and Terracotta Louver could meet the side curtain closing shut and other local design. Either flat or corner or other parts, it can maintain the coherent, natural, beautiful Wall Facade Panels

Paneltek have used the advanced technology control for processing the terracotta panel so that the surface is smooth and the dimensional size is stability which will maintain the beauty of the Wall Facade Panels.
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