Introduction to the advantages of terracotta brick

Introduction to the advantages of terracotta brick

The construction industry knows that clay bricks are attracted not because of its wide range of applications but because of its many advantages. Terracotta bricks are fired at high temperature using clay and other materials, so they have strong wear resistance. Not only that, with the continuous progress of production technology, the product also has the following advantages:

1. Anti-freezing and thawing characteristics

When the water absorption rate reaches 10%, the porcelain tiles have been frozen and cracked three times at -15℃, while the ceramic tiles can be frozen and thawed at -45℃ for 50 times without cracks.

2. Anti-light pollution performance

Ceramic tiles can refract more than 90% of the light, which has a good effect on protecting human vision and reducing light pollution.

3. Sound absorption

Since the whole body of the terracotta brick is rich in a large number of uniform and dense open pores, it can refract all or part of the sound wave, reduce outdoor noise and eliminate echo indoors. It is an ideal material for creating a good urban living environment.

4. Air permeability and water permeability

The superiority of terracotta bricks for air permeability and water permeability has been fully demonstrated in today's green civilization. Its quaint charm is integrated with the natural landscape, reflecting the harmonious dialogue between man and nature.

5. Corrosion resistance

The natural processing procedure makes the ceramic brick itself contain only a small amount of chemical impurities, and its internal structure is not easily affected by acid rain. The alkali corrosion resistance of the clay is better than other materials. From the above content, it is not difficult to find that the advantages of terracotta bricks combine many aspects of masonry materials, which are also the fancy aspects of various industries. I believe that with the continuous progress of technology, some new products will meet with us.