Excellent Performance Of Terracotta Cladding

Excellent Performance Of Terracotta Cladding

Excellent Performance Of Terracotta Cladding

1. Durability and Long-lasting

The terracotta cladding is a mixture of natural clay and water, which is extruded in vacuum and fired at a high temperature to a hardness and compactness that ordinary ceramic tiles cannot achieve. When the terracotta cladding is properly designed and installed, its life span is much longer than that of aluminum panels and fiber cement facades, and the color can last for a long time without fading.

2. Energy Savings and Thermal Benefits

Terracotta ventilated cladding system provides better thermal performance than conventional masonry cavity wall systems. Due to the constant circulation of air between the terracotta cladding and the insulation, the condensate is continuously evaporated, reducing thermal transfer to the interior of the building, thereby reducing energy consumption.

With a sandwich wall design, the precast terracotta cladding also enhances the thermal performance of the building.

The use of terracotta louvers and baguettes can effectively reduce the direct exposure of the sun. To some extent, this can reduce energy consumption and provide the comfort for the interior space.

3. Low Maintenance Cost

The surface of terracotta cladding is not likely to be dusty. It can be easily power washed every 2-3 years (or over even a longer period) and afterwards, it looks as if it were the original.

The terracotta rainscreen cladding system does not use grout or sealants, therefore, reducing the need to maintain the joints.

4. Safety, Eco-friendliness and Sustainability

The terracotta cladding is fired at a high temperature, and being rated Class A fireproof – it does not burn, and proves to be a very safe cladding material.

The terracotta cladding is made 100% of clay, which is environmentally friendly and harmless to humans and the environment.

The terracotta cladding can also be recycled and reused as a new exterior wall material or as a building material.

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