Application of Terracotta Panel Curtain Wall

Application of Terracotta Panel Curtain Wall

Application of Terracotta Panel Curtain Wall
1. Building Exterior Curtain Wall Decoration

Terracotta Panel is non-transparent curtain walls, similar to stone walls. Because with a natural environment protection, no radiation, rich colors, natural textures, natural surface texture, classic and simple, noise reduction performance, terracotta panel increases the economic benefit of construction use, comfort and other features. More and more terracotta panel curtain walls uses in commercial buildings, office buildings, theaters, stadiums, residential buildings and other buildings.

Decorative effect of terracotta panel is diversity. Terracotta panel, as same as metal curtain wall, relying on making semifinished product to complete the various shapes manufacture. So it is not limited to the overall exterior building curtain wall decoration, as well as grilles, shutters and other decorations.

 2. Composite Building Walls

Composite walls, also called double walls, which consists of the outer walls (glass walls), the inner walls (terracotta panel curtain walls), air circulation decorative components. It implements the design concept of energy-saving and environmental protection. At the same time, it will also perfectly embody the perspective effect with the terracotta panel and glass wall decorative effect.

 3. Interior Building Curtain Wall Decoration

Because of terracotta panel’s natural eco-friendly, no radiation, rich color, surface texture, noise reduction performance, construction convenient feature, terracotta panel is also suitable in the interior building wall decoration, such as building stadiums, exhibition halls, indoor office, public places, etc.

Terracotta panel has unique artistic humanities, natural color, environmentally friendly materials and energy-saving advantages of noise canceling in for indoor decoration, which reflects the close nature, and make people’s work and life and other activities in a comfortable environment.
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