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About Terracotta

Terracotta has been one of the most beautiful and long-lasting building materials for centuries. It has recently been embraced as a natural and timeless medium for modern rainscreen and sunscreen design. A variety of panel lengths and heights can be utilized to create a modern, natural aesthetic.
The extrusion forming method is most usual for the production of a linear directional terracotta profiles in large volume. This method of production utilizes a large extruder to force the clay through a steel die, forming a hollow cored profile. The profiles are extruded into lengths longer than the finished size required to account for the shrinkage during drying and firing. They are cut to a finished dimension in our processing department after firing.
Since terracotta is fired at temperatures that range between 1000℃ and 1200℃, thus it is non-biodegradable, non-combustible, strong and most durable building material with various benefits.

The Advantages of Terracotta Panel

1. Unique decoration element- PANELTEK Terracotta has versatile expression of building aesthetics thanks to its wide range of shape, finishing and color selection. PANELTEK is dedicated to creating the impressive and sustainable buildings by providing customized unique design and special surface treatment.
2. Durable material- The color of PANELTEK Terracotta Panel is non-faded with time going. The physical property of resistance to chemicals, anti-freeze & thaw, resistance to thermal shock, resistance to abrasion and scratch, and resistance to stain also contribute the durability of terracotta. And the maintenance cost is low because of its self-cleaning performance and open system without sealant.
3. Safe material- PANELTEK Terracotta Panel is non-combustible cladding material with high breaking strength, rupture modular and low linear thermal expansion. It is non-radioactive material. Terracotta cladding system is suitable for high-rise building with good resistance to high earthquake degree and high wind load. Compared with stones, terracotta, often selected as the substitute of natural stone, is much lighter which significantly reduces the building load. With PANELTEK’s reinforcement treatment, the terracotta has higher impact resistance performance.
4. Green material- Terracotta is environment friendly. Made of natural clay, PANELTEK Terracotta Panel is non-radioactive, non-polluted, 100% recyclable and energy-saving. Due to its cavity structure, terracotta has low thermal conductivity, good thermal insulation performance and acoustic performance.
5. Easy Installation- PANELTEK Terracotta panel is relatively light material with precise size which ease the installation. And its cladding system is mostly open system without sealant work.

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