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About Terracotta Facing Brick Dry Hanging Ceramic Terracotta Clay Facing Bricks For Facade

Paneltek terracotta Facing Bricks are durable, practically maintenance-free, and sustainable. Terracotta bricks protect buildings and their occupants from cold, moisture as well as heat and noise. And they are non-combustible.
Terracotta bricks are one of the most attractive and classic architectural elements used on façade. With various selection of shapes, sizes, colors and finishing, every Paneltek brick is a decoration element for both interior and exterior and the rich product selection and combination of different orientation allows numerous design possibilities and strongly expresses the talents and vision of architects.

Application of Terracotta Bricks

Paneltek supplies a wide range of terracotta bricks for façades as rainscreen or sunscreen, feature walls, decorative interior walls, gardens, terraces, and open areas. Terracotta brick sunscreen gives the building a natural and traditional sense of aesthetics, reminding people of the good ancient times. By combining these bricks in different sizes and orientations, architects have limitless options to realize the perforation pattern of a building, achieving a rich assortment of light and shade patterns.

Paneltek Terracotta Bricks Size

As for the shape and dimensions, both exterior cladding system bricks of different length and width proportions. and special texture facing bricks are available. The rich color, shape and surface texture combined with different masonry techniques and mortar colors offers numerous possibilities for the styling of the building facade.

Paneltek Terracotta Brick Color Palette

With the help of customized service, customers have access to a wide variety of terracotta bricks with different sizes and shape in PANELTEK.
Moreover, when it comes to colors, PANELTEK terracotta bricks come with a wide range of custom and standard natural fired colors and colorful glazing. By adding specific components to the clay, PANELTEK has managed to offer terracotta bricks with different shade of colors.

Paneltek Terracotta Brick Texture

As for texture, Paneltek offers terracotta bricks with a great variety of surface textures, such as brushed, natural, matte/glossy glazing, famed glazing and so on. Paneltek terracotta bricks perfectly express architects’ design concepts and vividly present different styles for different buildings.


The Temple House Hotel is located in Chengdu, Sichuan province. It is a good combination of the history and modernity of Chengdu. The Temple House Hotel perfectly integrated into the skyscrapers and shopping malls around with its courtyard full of historical sense, which is antique yet stylish.
With the combination of 3 different ways to install Paneltek Terracotta Bricks (Brickwork System, Bracket Fixing System, and Rod Perforation System), the architect presented the building in a simple but chic flavor. The application of bricks ties the buildings in with the surrounding context.
Paneltek Terracotta Brick can be applied to building façade with different patterns, orientations, colors, and ways of installation. Custom terracotta brick is prominent in aesthetics and durability compared to the normal one. Green, sustainable, and high quality, Paneltek Terracotta Brick is absolutely a good choice for your architectural project.

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